How Doctors Test For Hemorrhoids

The first thing your doctor will probably do is a physical exam. By that we mean a rectal exam, and no its not fun at all. The doctor will put on some gloves and insert their finger in the rectum to feel for hemorrhoids.

They may also use an anoscope to look inside the anus area. The anoscope is just a tube with a light. Those are usually the first two tests your doctor will perform.

Will I need any further testing?

Further testing depends on a few factors. Your doctor may want to have some additional tests done if he or she feels that something else may be causing the symptoms. Other factories that may lead to further testing can be your age, and history of colon cancer in your family.

You may feel a bit shy or embarrassed to go have your rectum examined, but it is well worth it. What you may think are hemorrhoids can be something much more serious.