Thrombosed, Prolapsed, Strangulated, And Grading Systems

Thrombosed Hemorrhoids are hemorrhoids that develop a bloodclot. Thrombosed comes from the word thrombosis which means "the formation of a blood clot inside a blood vessel".

Another word many don't know the meaning of is Prolapsed Hemorrhoids. If your hemorrhoid has prolapsed it means that it has shifted or fallen out of place.

For example, if your internal hemorrhoids have come out of the anus then it would be classified as a Prolapsed hemorrhoid.

It can also become a Strangulated Hemorrhoid when all of its blood intake is cut off.

There is a grading system for internal hemorrhoids which was created by Banov.
The system divides the severity of internal hemorrhoids into four degrees:

1st Degree: Internal Hemorrhoids Don't Prolapse

2nd Degree: Hemorrhoids Prolapse, but retract on their own.

3rd Degree: They prolapse and have to be put back manually.

4th Degree: Prolapse and can't be put back manually.